About us

Designer and manufacturer of antennas, cable assemblies and RF componentsand for wireless systems

What is ANT: ANT is the perfect support for the designing and manufacturing of systems based on radio transmission.

Our products and areas of interest: We take pride in our longtime experience in the designing and manufacturing of antennas, cable assemblies and components for home automations (security systems, and gates), industrial automations (telecontrols, telecoms and M2M), professional radio communication (VHF, UHF and PMR), GSM-GPRS, UMTS, WiFi / W-Lan applications and satellite GPS localisation.

Why choosing us: We assist our customers taking special care not simply of the product’s quality but also of special requests (for timing or customising) always respecting delivery deadlines.

Advantages of a joint work:

We are ready to produce directly following our clients’ detailed, or have them cooperating with our engineering department; we can provide prototypes for new projects, produce in small or large quantities and design special items.

Our logo: ANT‘s logo matches our idea of company. It represents a stylized ant inside the Smith chart, all painted in the colours of the Italian flag. The logo was chosen because it symbolizes the ant’s industriousness and ability to complete extraordinary tasks, the technology and knowledge of the Smith chart and the worldwide known made in Italy style.

Our team is always ready to meet your every demand with skill and rapidity.